Xiaomi Redmi 3S PRIME HD Clarity Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Graphene Armor Glass For Xiaomi Redmi 3S PRIME HD Clarity - GAG_XIAOMI_REDMI_3SPRIME

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Features of Graphene Armor Glass HD Clarity for Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime


PPrecise Fit

The Glass is a precise fit for Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime. It covers the entire screen and does not leave any margine. HD Clarity provides upto 96% light transmittance.



CCurved Edges

Graphene Armor Glass has 2.5D curved edges which give a smooth touch and feeling to the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime and easy handling.


BBubble Free Installation

Graphene Armor Glass has Japanese Nippa Adhesive which gives a bubble free installation. Just a simple gentle press will give smooth easy installation.


FFully customized Glass

Graphene Armor Glass is fully customised for specific model which means it's Designed For the respective Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime and fits perfectly well.


H8-9H Hardness

All Graphene Armor Glass with HD clarity model are made of A++ Grade Chinese Glass. Whereas all UltraHD models are made with A++ grade Japanese Models

RFully Responsive

Graphene Armor Glass is fully responsive and every single touch gesture is responsive. It does not make you feel that there is any glass on the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime.



11/01/2017 10:31:37

3sprime glass is nice and good products.


14/01/2017 09:35:44

It was easy to attach to the screen, didn't face any problems with air bubbles etc, if you follow the instructions and attach it carefully. However, it did break 3 months after buying, but this was due to dropping my phone, so it definitely did it's job of protecting my screen.


14/01/2017 09:47:27

Excellent screen guard for redmi 3s prime .u can depend and blindly believe in this brand .fully satisfied with the product. Value for money tempered glass for Redmi 3s prime.The glass was very easy to install and came with necessary accessories for the same. The touch response remains excellent and the glass is easy to clean..


17/01/2017 10:44:20

I had a problem with the first one of these I bought. For some reason, the corner would not stay down, regardless of what I tried. The company contacted me and said they would take care of everything- and they did. I would definitely buy this company's protectors again. The screen protector seems to be of excellent quality. Other than the added thickness, it's like not having a screen protector on- it's that clear. I loved the tempered glass protectors..

tara singh

17/01/2017 10:46:46

So far so great. The screen went on very easily. No air bubbles secreting their way in to ruin my day. It probably helps that I applied this onto my REDMI 3S PRIME, when it came fresh out of the box. So daily life hadn't yet had a chance to muck up my phone screen. It doesn't seem to change the appearance of the screen, so the colors and picture still look very vibrant, unlike what some other screen protectors can potentially do. I am very happy with this as of this writing.


25/01/2017 10:49:08

The adhesive is perfect, not even a bit of bubble on all the edges. And the best thing is it's about 0.5mm LESS on each side so the screen protector fully covers the screen (no rainbow effect or whatever when looking straight to the screen), which is exactly what I'm looking for after previously trying 4 different screen protectors..


25/01/2017 10:51:26

These are very good screen protectors and fit my REDMI 3S PRIME nicely. Nice touch. The clarity of the protectors is very good and although I just installed it, I see no reason why it would not hold up over time..

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02/02/2017 10:15:55

Q. : Does it gets fingerprints ?
Ans. : Hi there, though it does have anti fingerprint coating but we do not claim that our glass is 100% anti fingerprint as different people have different sweat glands in their body thus, to some it may not be so much as compared to others..

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