Graphene Armor Glass is chemically strengthened by a surface finishing process. In simple words, a perfectly normal piece of glass is put into a burning furnace at a heat of 1,200 °F / 650 °C, which is then rapidly cooled down by drowning it into a bathtub containing potassium salt at 570 °F / 300 °C, which causes sodium ions in the glass surface to be replaced by potassium ions.

Many customers get surprised when Graphene Armor Glass Shatters / Breaks / Chips off while protecting the smartphone screen. An actual glass will always shatter / break / chip off because it's not made of PET (Plastic Screen Guard) film. Accidental damage is covered under warranty*. *Warranty T&Cs Apply.

To answer this common misunderstanding let's understand what is 9H Hardness.

The surface hardness numbers which are mentioned in the product description or packaging are based upon the pencil hardness scale. In this scale, the resistance of a coating is determined by the grade of the hardest pencil that does not mark the coating when pressed firmly against it at a 45 degree angle. Here’s the complete scale of pencil hardness on the European system that’s most widely used, courtesy of Wikipedia.

9h hardness of tempered glass


Graphene Armor Glass is made of actual Glass and it can only have scratches when the product is rubbed against a hard/sharp object or surface. As the material property suggests that glass can only have scratches when they are made by any sharp object or surface, scratches will only appear when such incidents occur.

Retina Shield is designed on the similar concept in which Kodak Blue Light Eye Lenses are made of. We use a special chemical and adhesive coating on our HD Clarity Glass to stop the Blue Light of your mobile phone to reach the end of your eye retina.

Never do the installation in a dusty environment. Please switch off your Fan, Cooler or AC during the installation. Do not use a table with cloth cover. Wash your hands before installation.

Use the alcohol swab to clean your smartphone screen. After cleaning with the swab, use the Microfiber Cloth to clean the screen perfectly. There shall NOT be a single lint / dust particle on the screen.

Hold the device/smartphone screen to your eye level and check for any lint (small white fiber of clothes) or dust particles. There shall not be any single lint / dust particles on the screen before the glass installation.

We provide an ORANGE color rectangular dust sticker with "STEP 4" WRITTEN ON IT IN BIG BOLD LETTERS. Use this sticker to remove the lint / dust particles from the smartphone screen.

On our ultra HD models you will find a protection film on top of the Glass with an extended semicircle portion. Hold the glass from these semicircles and then place the glass on your device.

Never touch the adhesive side of the glass while applying it. Be careful when you hold the glass, otherwise it will leave your fingerprints and the adhesive will not stick on the screen. Many users put around surgical/doctor tape on their fingers while installing the glass to avoid fingerprint marks on the glass.

Our standard response time is 48 working hours on any ticket. Some of the cases which require further investigation may take a bit longer. All support related queries will be responded in your ticket only. Please register your ticket with your registered e-mail address which has been used during the warranty registration.